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Multiple Sclerosis Center In Salt Lake City

Setting the Standard for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

For more than 35 years, Walter H. Reichert, M.D., has provided unparalleled diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care for patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) in the Salt Lake Valley. Since 1999, Dr. Reichert has served patients through a freestanding Multiple Sclerosis Center in Salt Lake City, which is dedicated solely to the diagnosis and treatment of multiple sclerosis. The Center includes on-site infusion therapy. Location information can be found below. Call (801) 505-5370 opt 2 to learn more.

About Salt Lake City’s MS Center

The Multiple Sclerosis Center is staffed by Dr. Walter H. Reichert (a board-certified neurologist) and certified nurse practitioner, Sarah Johnson, FNP.

The Multiple Sclerosis Center focuses on:

  • Diagnosing and/or confirming the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis
  • Providing early intervention with FDA-approved medications
  • Early and aggressive treatment of MS flare-ups (exacerbations)
  • Treatment of MS-related symptoms such as fatigue, depression, spasticity, bowel and bladder impairment
  • Prevention of MS-related disabilities
  • Promoting mobility for patients with physical impairments
  • Thorough education about multiple sclerosis for patients and their families
  • Helping patients maximize independence and productivity

On-Site Infusion Center

The Infusion Center provides infusion therapy for MS treatment, as well as symptom management. Patients enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with comfortable, over-sized infusion chairs, Wi-Fi and DVD players.

Treatment and Diagnosis: Our Multiple Sclerosis Specialists

Although there is currently no cure for multiple sclerosis, providers at Neuroscience & Rehabilitation Specialists offer a number of FDA-approved medications that have proven highly effective in treating MS symptoms and modifying attacks. Salt Lake Valley area providers strive to ensure that each patient receives the effective, individualized care they require.

Visit the Multiple Sclerosis Center In Salt Lake City

82 South 1100 East
Suite 103
Salt Lake City, UT 84102
Phone: (801) 505-5370 opt 2
Fax: (801) 984-6655
Office Hours: Mon – Thu 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

About Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis or MS is thought to be an autoimmune inflammatory demyelinating disease of the central nervous system. This means that instead of fighting infections, certain immune cells start to attack the lining and nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms or manifestations of MS can be very different in different people depending on what part of the brain or spinal cord is involved. Symptoms of MS are non-specific, but can include numbness in face or limbs, loss of vision, double vision, imbalance, coordination problems, weakness in one or more limbs, difficulty walking, bowel or bladder difficulties, fatigue, depression and pain or headaches.

Who’s affected?

Multiple sclerosis affects about twice as many women as men. It usually starts between ages 23 and 30, but can be seen in children or older adults. Cases of MS vary widely geographically. It is more common in Europe (including Russia), southern Canada, northern United States, New Zealand, and southeast Australia. In the US, MS affects 0.1 percent of the population, for a total of 250,000 people. Genetic factors and environmental factors appear to contribute to the pathogenesis and risk of MS. The risk of developing MS if you have a sibling with MS is about 3 to 5 percent. There is no association between vaccines and developing MS.

How does it progress?

Progression of disability due to MS is highly variable, but evidence suggests that progression in most patients with MS is slow. Multiple sclerosis is most commonly characterized by a relapse, which is defined as the acute onset of clinical dysfunction that usually reaches its peak from days to several weeks, followed by a remission during which the symptoms resolve to a variable extent. People who have MS do better the earlier they are diagnosed and start treatment.

Multiple sclerosis can be a terrifying and debilitating disease, but has many treatment options. If you or someone you know is concerned about MS-like symptoms, please call and make an appointment for a full evaluation at Neuroscience & Rehabilitation Specialists.

To learn more about multiple sclerosis, visit www.nationalmssociety.org.


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